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We are aware of the risks connected with online personal data transmission and online payments. Therefore we use the top technology commercially available and we apply appropriate encryption methods and best-practice privacy policies. You can easily and reliably recognize our site’s trustability by the means of the green address bar with our company name in your browser. On all our pages where you are invited to submit your personal information the green bar will confirm that you can do so without any risk whatsoever.

Encrypted Data Transmission

All your private information sent to us from our web site goes through our secure server to protect your data. When asked for personal data for a booking (namely: your name, address etc.) the information is encrypted using the VeriSign SSL web security protocol before transmission. This protocol ensures that data is transferred through secure internet connections, as well. When a locked padlock appears in the bottom right corner of your browser, you will know that you have entered a security area. Also the website prefix changes from “http” to “https” upon entry to the security zone. When your data reaches the IzziRent.com, it is stored on a safe server protected by firewalls capable of blocking any external access.

You can verify IzziRent use of state-of-the-art encryption methods and privacy policies on with the help of third-party certificates. Please check the Verisign and TRUSTe certificates we use.

Secure Transactions

To improve the security of Internet payments and to achieve higher coverage against fraud losses we use the latest 3Dsecure technology. 3Dsecure ensures that payments using certain credit and debit cards are authenticated by the card holder with their bank at the time of the transaction. That means that sensitive credit card data is never revealed to IzziRent.com.

About 3Dsecure

3Dsecure is the common name for the technical standard created by Visa and MasterCard to further secure transactions over the Internet. MasterCard brand their system as “MasterCard SecureCode” and Visa call theirs “Verified by Visa”.

The main advantage for cardholders is that there is a decreased risk of other people being able to use their payment cards fraudulently on the Internet. In most current implementations of 3D Secure, the issuing bank or its ACS provider prompts the buyer for a password that is known only to the bank/ACS provider and the buyer. Since the merchant does not know this password and is not responsible for capturing it, it can be used by the issuing bank as evidence that the purchaser is indeed their cardholder.

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