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Are you concerned with the safety of your online booking? We know we are. Online booking is great and enables you to save ample amounts of money and time, but only until you become a victim of fraud. Unfortunately malware sites, phishing attempts and personal data thefts are growing in number, therefore we decided to offer you maximum security. We opted for the world’s best and most renowned security and trust-enhancing companies.

Our site uses following certificates VeriSign Extended Validity SSL certificate and TRUSTe Privacy Seal.

VeriSign Extended Validity SSL certificate

This certificate is a confirmation of the following:

The site is secured with VeriSign SSL, issued by the leading Certificate Authority worldwide – that means that the submission of your personal and billing information to the site is encrypted with up to 256-bit encryption 40-bit minimum secures online transactions

VeriSign has verified the identity of the business and their right to use the Web site domain name – that means that we are a legitimate business.

The Web site has passed a daily malware scan – that means you don’t have to worry about receiving any unwanted malicious software while browsing our site. VeriSign ensures this by daily scanning our software code for any malicious code that could pose a threat to your computer.

We went one step further and opted for the Extended validation SSL certificate, which enables you to easily and reliably recognize our site’s trustability and our organization’s name by the means the green address bar with our name in your browser. On all our pages where you are invited to submit your personal information the green bar will confirm that you can do so without any risk whatsoever.

Your browser’s address bar should look like this:


You are invited to read more on VeriSign Extended Validity SSL certificate.

TRUSTe Privacy Seal

The TRUSTe Verified Web Privacy Seal confirms that our e-commerce site was reviewed and approved by the TRUSTe team as being compliant with their strict program requirements.

The review by the TRUSTe inter alia ensures:

  • that we gather only the personal information necessary for the performance of the services and that there is no excessive collecting of personal information
  • that the uses of the collected information is clearly defined and limited
  • that your personal information is not shared with anyone, except with the companies that need to provide paid services to you
  • that your personal information is protected and secured by technical means
  • that we are a legitimate business and have provided a complete contact details including street address.

You are invited to read more on TRUSTe Verified Web Privacy Seal.

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