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Privacy statement


At IzziRent.com we have a policy that our customers are serviced in the best possible manner, and with the highest regard and concern for their data safety and their privacy.


Visitors to our website remain anonymous until they actually create a booking. The website has not been designed to gather any sort of information without the knowledge of the customer. This means that if a customer opt not to provide any information voluntarily, his/hers identity, e-mail address or any other information about it shall remain unknown.


If a personal information is necessary (when booking a reservation for instance), we shall kindly ask you to provide it voluntarily. Booking confirmation or other instructions shall be sent to your e-mail address and given on our site after the booking.

When asked for personal data for a booking (namely: your name, address and credit card details) the information is transferred via SSL web security protocol. The SSL protocol ensures that your personal data is encrypted and transferred through secure internet connections. Encryption is switched on before data transfer. When a locked padlock appears in the bottom right corner of your browser, you will know that you have entered a security area. Also the website prefix changes from “http” to ”https” upon entry to the security zone. When your data reaches the IzziRent.com, it is stored on a safe server protected by firewalls capable of blocking any external access.

For security reasons we are processing credit cards using 3Dsecure technology and we never receive credit card number. We believe this is the best solution for both you, the customer, and for us as it enables us to focus on providing the lowest prices in the region while leaving security issues with professionals in their own field. Also in the event that you require a refund, we pass only the transaction number to the transaction centre with the refund request. The transaction centre then determines which card was used for the payment and refunds your money accordingly.

Internet protocol address (IP address)

An IP address is a number assigned to your computer whenever you access the Internet. Whenever the users request access to IzziRent.com site, our server records your IP address. IP addresses are used when diagnosing the problems or analyzing web traffic yet remain unrelated to personal identities. Therefore, each user remains anonymous.

Use of information

All information gathered in the booking process is treated as confidential and thus subject to strict corporate policy of confidentiality and its use by IzziRent.

E-mailing lists, surveys and other information, which are not obtained via bookings, shall be used solely for the purpose for which it has been collected, and thus it is not distributed to others or used for marketing purposes.


IzziRent website utilizes cookie technology in order to present information of your visit to our site. When visiting our website a cookie is installed on your computer (as an information file) which enables the site to follow your browsing, thus enabling the simple and rapid use of the website. Cookies do not collect any personal data, or data stored in your computer. In the event you do not wish to receive cookies, you may opt to change your browser settings; this, however, may cause you some problems when performing transactions on our website.

We use two kinds of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary cookies that expire (and are immediately deleted) whenever you close your browser. Persistent cookies usually have a lifetime of 30 days and we use them for various reasons:

  • Social sharing and login – When you register or log in to IzziRent.com with credentials from social networks like Google+, Facebook or Twitter, you authorize them to store a persistent cookie that will remember you and grant you access to our site every time you visit until it expires. You can delete that cookie (and revoke the access it grants) by updating your preferences with each respective social network. So if you no longer want to be able to log in through Facebook, you’ll need to update your settings at Facebook.
  • Visitors’ analysis – We use Google Analytics and our own tracking software to understand how many people visit our website and what is popular. This helps us improve the website. No personally identifiable information is stored and site usage is always looked at on an aggregate (and anonymous) level. That means we see the number of visitors checking certain page but we don’t see who exactly visited one specific page.

Personal data protection

IzziRent is a Slovenian website and thus a subject to Slovenian legislation. The provider undertakes to permanently protect all personal data in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No.: 86/2004).

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