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Terms and Conditions for booking with IzziRent

Service Provider Relations

IzziRent provides you (THE CUSTOMER) the following services:

  • Negotiations with partners offering car rental services, and providing such services directly to end users
  • Pro forma invoices for car rentals in selected countries with partner offices
  • Reservations on the customer’s behalf with the car rental provider and confirmation of reservation
  • For confirmation of reservation for car rental with the car rental provider, a booking fee can be charged

The car rental provider (CAR RENTAL COMPANY) offers you:

  • Car rental services directly from the car rental company. The contract is signed directly with the car rental company
  • Car rental price is paid directly to the car rental company upon the pick-up of the vehicle
  • Car rental price includes all local taxes and charges unless specifically stated otherwise

Time and date terms definition:

  • CAR RENTAL START – the pickup date and time of a vehicle as mentioned on booking form
  • BOOKING TIME – the date and time of a booking payment

Rental information:

  • Rental information is presented for each selected car. It contains all important info regarding the price, insurances and limits to the booking and rental. Rental information is provided by the car rental company.

Changing Reservation

Our service allows the customer to change individual details of the reservation free of charge (unless specified differently in “Rental information” for each selected car). In case the customer wants to make changes to the reservation, IzziRent cannot guarantee availability. Any change to the reservation is treated as a new reservation where the old reservation is replaced. While there is no additional fee for changing the booking there are some limitations:

  • Changes to the reservation may change the price of the rental.
  • The customer may extend the car rental period by adding a number of days to the rental period. If matching conditions are to be applied for the extended reservation as to the original reservation, such an extension must be arranged by IzziRent and not by the car rental company.
  • Costs are not reimbursed in case of changes to the reservation even if the new total price is lower than the original price.
  • In case of changes to the reservation and a higher total price than the original, the customer must pay the difference between the original and the new reservation price.

Cancellation of Reservation

Cancellation policy depends on the chosen offer. Please check “Rental information” for each selected car.

No refunds for no-show: No refunds will be given if you fail to collect the vehicle at your specified time or if you fail to meet the driving license, passport, credit card or other documentation requirements outlined in the voucher.

In the event that you cancel or amend a credit/debit card booking Izzirent will not be liable for any monetary losses suffered by you as a result of a change in monetary exchange rates between the time of your original booking and its subsequent cancellation or amendment (as applicable).

No refunds are possible for payments older than 6 months. In such case IzziRent issues a coupon in the value of the requested refund.

Car Rental Documentation

IzziRent shall deliver to the customer an e-copy of all car rental reservation documents after the completion of reservation and payment of car rental price as provided by IzziRent. The customer must save a copy of the documentation and present it to the car rental company upon pick-up. IzziRent cannot be held accountable for failure to rent or pick-up the vehicle if a copy of the rental documentation is not presented during the pick-up attempt. A copy of rental documentation is stored in our archives and may be accessed by the customer at any time by means of a contact form if the customer provides the reservation number. The customer receives the reservation number upon payment of reservation

Car Rental Services Payment

  • Payment for car rental services provided by IzziRent and reservation confirmation must be made by VISA, Master Card, Diners, Maestro, Cirrus cards; other forms of payment are not accepted.
  • The balance payable on pickup is paid directly to the car rental company upon pick-up in compliance with the provisions set forth in the documentation delivered to the customer. Payment must be made with a valid credit card (as stated in the “Rental information”).

Right to Reservation Rejection

Car rental companies reserve the right to reject car rental reservation to any customer they believe is not fit to drive or fails to meet the required conditions. In such cases, the contract between the customer and IzziRent is immediately cancelled. IzziRent is considered free of any liability to the customer and the customer is not eligible for reimbursement of the costs of reservation

Suitability of Rented Vehicle

  • All descriptions, images and characteristics of vehicles serve to provide a general presentation of the vehicle to the customer and may change or be withdrawn without prior notice
  • Car rental companies reserve the right to change the vehicle due to availability of vehicles for hire. Any claim by the customer as to the justification of such action by the car rental company shall not be considered
  • The customer is fully responsible for the choice of the vehicle for reservation, including the suitability of the vehicle for the rental purposes
  • The customer is solely responsible for assessing the suitability of the vehicle to carry a certain number of passengers and their luggage
  • Information provided by IzziRent is provided by individual car rental companies and are subject to change without prior notice. IzziRent cannot be held accountable for any changes beyond our control
  • Upon pick-up, a contract is signed directly with the car rental company. In case of problems, questions, concerns, complaints or other issues, the customer must contact the contracting car rental company directly
  • Upon pick-up of the rented vehicle, the customer must sign a contract with the car rental company. The customer is responsible for checking contract details against the rental details provided by IzziRent documents
  • Upon signing of the car rental contract, the customer is liable to pay any additional payments by credit card as required by the car rental company
  • All car rental bookings are subject to this user agreement and the making of bookings via IzziRent is acknowledged by you as being bound by such agreement.
  • No other terms, conditions or warranties, expressed or implied by law, custom or dealing with us shall form any part of any contract between us and you unless specifically made in writing by us addressed to you.
  • The terms and conditions of this user agreement shall be deemed to be modified and/or varied by any provision of any legislation or regulation which negates or modifies any provision of this agreement.
  • You acknowledge that in making a booking with IzziRent you do that on the basis of the material contained on the site and subject to this agreement and you acknowledge that any statement or representation by IzziRent, its employees or agents have not been relied upon other than as may be specifically set out on our site.
  • The rental of any vehicle will be subject to the law of the country in which it is supplied to you.
  • You should satisfy yourself that you understand and agree to the terms of a rental contract entered into and you should be aware that you will be subject to and must comply with the terms of such agreement and with the law as applicable at such place from time to time.
  • We do not except liability for any charges incurred by you with your authority or otherwise.
  • We reserve the right to levy any government increase in local taxes that may be introduced after the publication of this site, however, we will make every effort to ensure that you are notified of any of these matters either prior to your booking or as soon as practicable after we have knowledge of such increases.
  • Any additional charges payable upon arrival by you at the time of collection of the vehicle are subject to local taxes at the prevailing rate from time to time in that country.
  • Apart from any conditions contained in any rental agreement with the car rental supplier you will be held responsible for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, causing wilful damage, driving off road, or driving negligently and/or without due care or attention or in breach of any road laws and you agree to indemnify IzziRent against any claim or demand whatsoever in respect to any breach of this condition.
  • There may be restrictions as to the availability of vehicles at peak times.
  • All cars and all offers are subject to availability and all information including prices is correct, to the best of our knowledge, at the time of publication.
  • You may have certain statutory and legal rights as a consumer and the terms and conditions of the user agreement are to be read subject to such rights


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